Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sorry this is going to be a long one. We went to church today out here in Idaho at what would be my grandparents ward if they were members. The couple that spoke had such a wonderful message that I just had to take a minute to share a few things. First the wife spoke. She was a returned missionary who felt as if she was inadequate to be a missionary because she did not fit the "cookie-cutter" mold that everyone thinks missionaries have to be. Through her struggles and lessons she learned that everyone is different and that everyone has different lessons to be learned by all of the things life throws at us. She referenced a talk given by Joseph B Worthlin, it was called, "Concern for the one" ( I think....I will find out for sure once I am home and update this) But anyways, in this talk he said that everyone is different and everyone has talents that are picked by our Heavenly Father to be unique to each of us. This is so awesome! I feel so blessed to know that each of the talents I have been given was chosen specifically for me by my Father in Heaven and he knew what things I would need in order to return to live with Him. That is as long as I use those talents in a good way. That isn't everything she shared but it is all I have time to type. The husband spoke next. He said that he had only been a member for about three years, and in this time he has given eight talks, one at a Stake Conference as well. This sounds very familiar, being that I have only been a member for a little over 4 years and I have given my share of talks already. Anyways, he started talking about his life and some of the trials he faced being a non-member in an area full of members. (he lived in Idaho Falls) A lot of the things he talked about were similar to the many things that happened to me and my family growing up as non-members as well. To sum it all up he stated that the Gospel and the Church are perfect, but that can't change the fact that we are all human and we are all sinners. Just because we are members of this perfect church, doesn't change the fact that we are given our free agency to make our own choices, which often times we make the wrong ones, thus we may offend people along the way. But we also need to be quick to forgive and not hold anything against our friends and neighbors. Sorry to be so preachy, but these two people really did an awesome job and I wanted to recognize them for their efforts. It is so nice to come six hours away from our home and to know that the Church is the same everywhere we go. Also it was nice to hear the Testimonies of the Saints in Idaho, they are so strong out here as well. Thanks for letting me share!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Last Sunday we went to my parents house to celebrate my mom's 29th again birthday. (I wonder how many times that is now...) Anyways we had so much fun! I hope that my mom liked her gift as much she liked her new hair decoration. Doesn't she look fancy!

We are headed to Idaho in about 12 minutes to visit my grandparents and my sister and her little family. We will post some more pictures, when we get back, of the wonderful and exciting things we see in Idaho!!! (do I sense a bit of sarcasm?) No seriously though! I think we are for sure leaving now, so wish us luck on our journey this busy, crazy, traveling weekend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I was over at my friends house the other night and we were having a little girl time while the boys played the wii. Well she showed me this way funny blog! It is called Seriously, So Blessed. Ok, so this blog is a fake person who is sort of making fun of LDS people, but not really. She is only really pointing out all of the totally crazy, funny, weird, or to some normal things that most of us do, but just all together at the same time so it is really intense. I can't really explain it very well. the best way to experience it would be to read through some of the posts. Have fun!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hogle Zoo

We went to the zoo today! It was so much fun even though it felt like we were the only people there without kids. Who cares, we are trying to hang on to our childhood, while we still can.

Here is the famous white alligator. We found out that there are only a few of these in the world and they are lucky to be in the zoos cause they have no way of defending themselves cause they aren't camoflauge. He is only two years old. Cute huh!?!

My favorite! The zebra! It was sad, everyone else was over looking at the bears and it seemed like no one wanted to look at or even cared to look at the zebras. I love them! They are so pretty!

We still looked at the bears though...

This was one of the owls from the bird show. While they had him flying around they were playing the theme song to Harry Potter. It was great!
Now that our feet hurt from walking around all day to see the animals it is time to relax.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I get it........sort of

So I was reading through some of Staci's old blogs and I saw a link for Leelou Blogs. So, I was scrolling through the blog and I LOVE IT! She has the cutest things for blogs on there. Now the trouble is figuring out how to use them. I figured out how to use the template, but other than that I have no idea what to do. I want to add one of the link buttons that directs you to the church website and I want to add music. So anyone who wants to clue me in, please feel free! Thanks for all of your help too. All the posts with links to blog stuff websites have been such a great help as I am still learning how to make the world's greatest blog page. Let me know what it needs!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Gerriss and I were outside with our neighbors the other night and we saw this cute little kitty. So being the nice person that I am I went inside and got him a bowl of milk. He gulped it down very quickly and then hung around out there with us for a little while. Well the next night he showed up again and was hungry. So, we had some extra salmon from our dinner earlier and we decided to give him a little taste. He devoured it! So now we can't get rid of him. Every night without fail he comes for a snack and some milk. I know we aren't supposed to have pets here and that Gerriss is totally allergic to cats, but he is so cute. I guess having an outside kitty for a little while will be fine. Although leaving him outside every night, even though he begs to come inside, breaks my heart a little bit. Well at least he is well fed. We don't know who he belongs to, but I hope they don't mind us feeding him every night.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn...Best ending ever!

Ok, I know it has only been three day since the book came out, but I finished it! It is so amazing! Thanks Tessa for getting me hooked on these books. It has been a great pass time while I sit around doing nothing while Gerriss is hard at work and I am required to be quite (because he is on calls). Everyone should read them if they haven't already!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aiden turns two!

Today was my nephew Aiden's 2nd Birthday! Well it's actually tomorrow but we celebrated it tonight. We had so much fun getting together with family and friends at my sister house in Bountiful. They bought him a new big boy bed that is a giant Lightning McQueen! Its so cute! They also had a Lightning McQueen cake for him. I'm glad we were able to be there for his special day! We love you Aiden!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A day at the Manti Temple

Gerriss and I and Jed and Tara went down to the Manti Temple today. We had such an enjoyable time. We just love hanging out with family! I am getting a little bit better at this whole blogging thing, I guess I just have to jump in and start experimenting. We'll see how I do :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

I decided to make a here it is! I need help. So all you expert bloggers out there, HELP!