Monday, September 28, 2009


Well this is year two of a great new tradition. My dad and I hike up Snowbird every September as a farewell to the summer and as preparation for ski season. Last year we made it all the way up to the tram and were able to ride it down, but this year we had a lack of time so we only made it up to the chair lift and then rode that down instead. It is only about 15-30 minutes away from the top (15-30 depending on how tired you are from the hike). It was a lot of fun. I didn't take as many pictures as I did last year cause I was sort of brainless. I hurt my foot about six weeks ago and didn't think anything of it. I just thought it would go away with time. Well it ended up that my heel pops out of joint and thus makes my whole foot hurt and makes it impossible for me to walk. I decided to go to the doctor the night before my hike to see if he could fix it. Well he said it would take some more work then just one day. So he taped it in place so that it wouldn't pop out at least during my hike and I will have to continue going back until it stays by itself. Long story short, even though I already told it, my foot was in a bit of pain the whole time and increasingly got worse. But I was determined to get to the top so I didn't stop! Thus the no pictures. :) I did find this picture online though that shows a trail that looks like the one that we followed, but I am not sure. But it at least shows you the mountain that we hiked.

Anyways, I am glad my dad and I were able to go. We had some great talks and a lot of laughs. Thanks for going with me. Can't wait til next year!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finding Hope

We were taught a lesson today in Sunday School about the pioneers and all that they had to endure. Our teacher said something that was very fitting to the time of year with us looking back and remembering 9/11 and the trials many people faced and still do face because of that day. She said that everyone has trials and everyone may not think that yours are as big as say the pioneers (or even in this case as big as the people involved in any way with the attacks on 9/11) but each person has to learn from their own trials and endure through them. We have to find the hope and faith to get through the things in our life with the help of our Heavenly Father.

I was watching this video at that puts a good perspective on things. I am grateful for the trials in my life and the strength they have given me. I can look back and remember how I handled certain situations and prepare myself for those to come. Each trial is a way to prepare for the next, not only in our own lives but the lives of our families to come. Take a look at the video, it is kind of long, but its worth the time.

Thanks to all our Soldiers