Thursday, April 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well we have been here almost a month and have loved every second of it. We have something fun and new to do every night, and even if its not new its just nice to be back to a normal routine. Here are some pictures of our cute little place.

Here is our patio, our front door is just to the right.

This is one of the tiny bedrooms. We are using one as an office and the other as a storage type room. They sure are small.

Here is a view of our front room looking towards the kitchen. Yes that is Oliver running towards me. :)

This is our front room with our new TV that was our house warming gift to ourselves.

And here is our kitchen. Its nice and big with tons of cupboard space.

I would show you our bedroom but its just a normal bedroom with not a lot of space as illustrated in the other bedroom picture. The rooms may be small, but the intention when designing this place as we have been told was "where do we spend most of our time and what rooms in the house should we use the most square footage on?" Thus we have a huge kitchen and a big living room. But the big reason we loved this place was because of the big fenced in yard that Oliver can play in. Here are some pictures.

Here is a picture of the carport area. Look how cute my little car is! :)

And here is an idea of the yard and all its glory. Its HUGE! Of course Gerriss gets to mow it. I just get to play in it with the puppy. :)

All in all we are sooooooo happy here. We miss everyone, but we are making new friends and replacing you all. :) Just kidding. We love you all and can't wait to see ya'll when we come back up for our many visits. Anyone is also welcome to come for a visit as well, we would love to have you.

Monday, April 12, 2010

St George

Well its official. Gerriss and I are moved out of Salt Lake and now live in St George. We moved here Easter weekend, then I drove back to Salt Lake to work one more week and get some other things done and then joined him down here on Saturday. We are absolutely loving it here. It's warm already! I don't have to ever feel snow again, there are some mountains (I think to the north) that I can see from my house that get snow on them if I ever want to look at it. Gerriss will be able to ride his motorcycle year round. Oliver has a yard to run and play in. He loves to bark at everything that comes near his yard, acting like he is ten times bigger than he really is. :) The birds are so happy that they get to see the sunshine and are involved in the conversations again. They start chirping at seven in the morning and they don't stop until bedtime. Hopefully I can get used to that again. Its a good thing I love them. Gerriss is starting his new job today! He will be working for a utility locater company. He is happy that he will not be sitting at a desk all day and that he will be outside getting a great farmers tan as well. I am still looking for work but usually find it fast in any market, its just figuring out what I want to do down here. I will still be coaching volleyball for the same club that I was coaching for up in Salt Lake but just for their St George teams. There is also a greater opportunity for beach volleyball down here so maybe I will look into learning how to coach beach. Who knows? I am just so grateful that I have this opportunity to figure things out, that I have the chance to do things at my pace and find a job or even a career that I want to do for a while.

We are so thankful to my parents for letting us live with them for the past few months while we were saving up to move. We are grateful for their continued support with all of our dreams. Thanks for always believing in Gerriss and I and helping us make one of our many dreams come true. Thanks to Gerriss' family as well for their support and their help in getting us all loaded to move out here. We couldn't have done it without you. I hope that everyone has a chance to come down here for a visit to see our cute little place. We are so happy here! We love you all and will miss you!