Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We have been all over this town over the past two months. We got a state parks pass so that we can go up Snow Canyon and go to Sand Hollow as often as we want and we sure are taking advantage of it. Here are some pictures of our adventures...

This is Pioneer Park. Its just a fun place to hike around and explore.

This one is a picture of a small 3" tall cave, but up close in the picture it looks like a life-size cave.

This is Gerriss in a lava tube on a hike in Snow Canyon. We found another one this past weekend with his family that we still need to go exploring into. Its a giant cave that you need a headlamp to go deeper into.

There is an area called Kayenta that we go to in the evenings sometimes to look at the stars. It is pitch black out there and dead silent. There is also a park near our house that we go to often that has a little stream running through it that has little frogs all over. They have such a peaceful croak. We love to go there and just sit close by and listen to the melody. Gerriss got a metal detector and has found some pretty interesting things. We even found an old matchbox truck in our backyard. He has a little jar that he keeps all his findings in. One day the thing will pay for itself, or at least that is our hope... :) We have really changed a lot of things lately about our city life to try and blend and mesh better with this country style down here. I work at a lube shop so being girly is out of the question. I MUST get my hands dirty on a daily basis whether I like it or not. I am enjoying being in a completely different environment than I am used to. Plus I work with mostly men so that is a big change as well. Gerriss has started listening to country music since he drives around all day and that is the only decent thing he can find on the five channels to choose from, two of them being country. He even got a cowboy hat! Doesn't he look sexy!!! :)

I wish we had more pictures but we are too busy exploring that we forget to bring our camera. Good thing we are living here and can go to these places all the time so that we can get many many many pictures over the years.