Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Anniversary Vacation!

For our three year Anniversary Gerriss and I took 11 glorious days and made a trek down to Las Vegas and onward to California. We spent 2 nights in Las Vegas which was quite interesting. Vegas is a place that everyone needs to experience once in their life to appreciate clean air and change in scenery. We enjoyed walking around and seeing all the cool sites. I spent $33 on M&M's! But it was worth it to get pink and black ones. All in all it was alright. But the coolest things was when everyone else was going home on Sunday, we were headed to California for the rest of our wonderful vacation. We stayed in a condo in Capistrano Beach, courtesy of Gerriss' fantastic and giving parents, for 7 days. We went to Disneyland for three days, Universal Studios and Sea World. We had the most incredible time! It was the best vacation and anniversary we've ever had (even though we've only had three) As you can see from our picture selection on the slide show (52 pictures) we were all smiles and having the time of our life. The following Sunday we made our way back to Utah, but stopped in St. George to visit Gerriss and I's good friends Gavin and Brooke. We had a pleasant visit with them and got to go on a fun motorcycle ride to the top of Hurricane Mesa. It was a lot of fun! Even if I was terrified cause I didn't get to wear a helmet. Don't worry I said a prayer pretty much the whole time I was on the bike. Especially Gavin's bullet bike! Scary! I am so glad that Gerriss and I were able to do such a fun thing while we are still young and have no little ones to worry about. Well except for Jack! He was good though. Thanks to Jeano, Jess and my sister for taking such good care of him. Now its back to the daily grind and the cold's to California!