Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To sum it all up

This month has sort of flown by. I have been reading through some other peoples blogs and I am not the only one who feels that way. We have had a lot to do, but not a lot to report on. Although this past weekend was quite and adventure. It was my birthday, my Grandpa's birthday and my niece's birthday so we decided to go to Idaho and celebrate with everyone up there. We spent my birthday driving in the snow storm, so that was sort of lame, but it was what I asked for so I can't complain. We didn't tell my grandpa we were coming so when we showed up at 9:45 p.m. he was really surprised and a bit confused. It was great! On Friday we went out to lunch with some of my grandparents friends for our shared celebration. The food was outstanding. We went to a place up in Boise called Murphy's. Mmmmmm! World's best coconut shrimp! Then on Saturday we went to Kuna to celebrate my 17 year old nieces birthday. I know what your thinking I am way to young to have a 17 year old niece. :) She reminds me every day that I am not. :( I feel so old..... anyways. We had a blast with my sister and her family! She made a spectacular meal. It is this lasagna soup thing that was sooooo good. Then we sat around and played Guitar Hero on the Wii until I was about to pass out then we called it a night. The next day we woke up to another snow storm, which came perfectly timed for our trip home. Thank goodness Gerriss is a fantastic driver. We made it home safely even though the trip took longer than expected. I am glad we were able to celebrate all of our birthday's together. Hopefully we can try and do it again next year! Here our some fun pictures of the weekend, and the family birthday party from last night at Gerriss' parents house.

Here is me blowing out 24 candles on my yummy cake from last night!

My niece Kierstan who just turned 17! I can't believe it!

The birthday boy all tuckered out from the late night and the busy day. Notice the remote control in his hand that he has a death grip on! :)

We ate lots of yummy food and had a lot of fun! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Now its time to prepare for next month's adventures! :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Sunday School Bash!

Friday was our year end Sunday School party! This time we had 10 people here, and when I say people, I mean 4 teenage girls and 6, I REPEAT, 6 teenage boys! It was quite the evening! It was snowing/raining, so everyone was required to take their shoes off at the door! (thank goodness for the already going Scentsy candle):)

We had SEVEN pizzas, which were all devoured, with root beer floats for dessert. We watched The Santa Clause! We hope that everyone had a fun night! We appreciate you all for coming......see you at the next one!