Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inspiration and and Update

I was reading through FB tonight and read a friends status that said that I inspired her to start a blog. Me who posts only once every few months now that FB rules the world. Well I wanted to catch everyone up on our lives with out having to read through pages and pages of status updates. So here goes.

Gerriss is still working at Stake Center Locating as a utility locater for the time being. He has recently started a Real Estate Investment company, called Tetelestai Real Estate Investments, with our good friend Chris Emans. They will be focusing mostly on wholesaling properties. They are just getting it off the ground at the moment so not too much to report on at the moment. He is also continuing to do internet marketing but it doesn't bring it quite the income so it is more of a tool to learn more about how to market better on the internet. Aside from that Gerriss always makes time for me even with his busy schedule and I am grateful for that.

I am working at Speed Lube as the office manager still. I have really enjoyed working there. It is a lot to learn and a completely different environment than I have ever worked in, but I think that it has challenged me in different ways and I am grateful for the experience. I am also starting my own little side business of selling vinyl. I am still in the beginning phases of it, so not too much to tell quite yet. I am excited though. I have finally figured out something that I like to do that I can get paid to do. I will keep you posted.

Oliver is doing fabulous! He is learning not to chew on everything. He has graduated from his kennel to his own room. I made a craft room this past weekend and we have also made room for Oliver to hang out in there during the day when we are at work or when we are gone in the evenings. He actually has taken to it quite well. He is no longer eating all of our things, and he doesn't bark and cry all day like when he was in his kennel. I like it better too cause I don't feel as horrible if we are gone since he has a nice recliner to lounge in and all his toys and his food and water. He has it pretty good. Like my brother says, he has us pretty well trained. :)

Other than that some news for both of us is that we have started attending Calvary Chapel. Gerriss and I have gone through some big changes spiritually lately and have made a very difficult, but very very informed decision. We feel that we have been led down this path and are completely and utterly happy because of it. We have truly found a brand new and wonderful relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. We also have found a body of fellow believers that love us no matter where we have come from and have taken us in as their own. We love everyone there and are so grateful for their fellowship.

We are absolutely loving St George and enjoy the warm weather more and more as it gets colder and colder up in Salt Lake. We are always going on new adventures and exploring new areas. Its nice meeting people that have lived down here their whole lives and can show us the really cool places that only the locals know about. If you are in the area you should come visit! We'd love to have you! Talk to you later!

God Bless

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